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Vietnamese people are increasingly interested in buying a home in Australia and have a place to live and study abroad, as well as an effective foreign investment option, rather than the chance to settle in Australia.

Buying a house in Australia: Advantages for studying, working and settling

Most Vietnamese families choose Australia for their children studying abroad. It is easy to understand that, apart from the world’s best known education, Australia has the same climate and geographic proximity to Vietnam. Other developed countries. Buying a house in Australia will help your child to have a stable, comfortable and safe place to study in the country. In addition, staying at home will save your family a lot of money in the face of rising costs of renting and living expenses in Australia.

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Buying house in Australia: Own first – Pay later.

In addition, if the home has multiple rooms, you can rent out rooms for yourself (or authorize Australian Gold Land). Second, when your child finishes studying and wants to stay in Australia for work or settlement, having a home available will make life easier, easier to apply for and will help you score on your immigration application. Even if you do not want to remain in Australia after graduation, you can resell that home with a very high return in the context of the rising value of real estate in Australia.

Buying a house in Australia: A sustainable and stable investment

As mentioned above, as Australia’s housing values are soaring, you can consider this as a stable and sustainable foreign investment. This is because Australia’s real estate market is highly transparent, with stable macroeconomic stability and reasonable government policies … which makes real estate stable growth – average value doubling. Every seven years.

More specifically, you can invest by buying – resell and earn a surplus return, or invest in buying a house and then renting it out – Gold Land Australia can replace your managed rent with an orange level Profit from 4% per year or more.

Buying a house in Australia: Write your application for a permanent residence permit

One of the advantages of buying a house in Australia is that most Vietnamese people like it: buying a home will help with financial proof and “score” when applying for settlement approval.

Perhaps you know Australia is a nation famous for its quality education and advanced social security policy, peaceful society, clean living environment, nature so … Kangaroo Country The world is chosen as the ideal country to live in.

Buying house in Australia: Own first – Pay later

Golden Land Australia is currently the largest Australian property developer in Vietnam, with offices in Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City – Melbourne. We have helped thousands of customers to buy houses in Australia, assist with housing management, provide reasonable investment advice, and assist clients with settlement applications.

In order to create favorable conditions for customers to make financial arrangements, Australian Gold Land has implemented the “take-home-pay later” option. Accordingly, you only need to pay 10% of the contract value to own the house you want (Red Book), after 13 to 15 months you will receive the house and pay the remaining 90%.

At present, our company opening 03 sale projects garden villas and houses adjacent luxury, comfortable, near the city center. Melbourne, convenient traffic communications and plenty of extensive community facilities around. Please click on each of the following projects for information, if you need advice please do not hesitate to contact us for the most detailed answers.

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