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With a large number of millionaires around the world coming to live and work, it has made Australia one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

According to New World Wealth Consultants, the millionaires who flock to Australia are increasingly crowded because of its superior health care system, low taxation, and the ideal location for doing business with the rest of the world. ASIAN. In addition to its location near the South Pacific Islands, cruise ship owners are also allowed to relax, of course the pristine beaches of Australia also contribute significantly to the country’s economy.

Thị trường Bất động sản Úc rất được giới triệu phú thế giới quan tâm.

The Australian real estate market is of great interest to the world’s millionaires.

The average Australian is now estimated to be significantly richer than the average American or British. The kangaroos are expected to attract more immigrants due to the lack of ethnic and religious tension in the United States and Europe.

By the end of 2016, Australia holds about $ 192 trillion worldwide, equivalent to about 11 times the gross domestic product of the United States. In Australia there are also 552,000 millionaires with a net worth of $ 10 million or more.

In the past decade, Australia’s total assets increased 85% compared to 30% of the US and 28% of the UK. This is supported by the fact that Australia has not had a recession for 25 years. This wealth includes property, cash, equity, business interests and minus any debt. With a relatively small population, Australia also appears in the list of countries where the average citizen has high assets.

According to New World Wealth, total financial assets per person is a better measure of financial health compared to GDP per capita, as it avoids the possibility of multiple counts, being judged on industry performance. Banking and stock market …

According to Bloomberg, the reports are based on profiles of more than 150,000 global millionaires, interviews with migration experts, asset managers, real estate agents, government data, securities and Visa statistics program of investors.

One of the areas that the millionaire is interested in is investing in real estate in Australia, in addition to enjoying the paradise of life in Australia most fully we need a home to live. With many years of experience in the real estate market and Australian immigration, our company is pleased to advise and accompany you if you intend to work or settle in this island nation.

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