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With the open door policy to attract foreign investment is reasonable, now the opportunity to reside Australia increasingly open to the Vietnamese people from AUD $ 200,000 investment.

Gold Land Australia is an investor, developer and distributor of key real estate projects in HCMC. Melbourne, combined with its prestigious partners in the field of immigration, offers customers attractive settlement and investment opportunities. Capturing the vigor of Vietnamese immigrants, the Australian Gold Coast is successfully implementing the Australian Investment Program (AUD2,000) and earning a lot of trust from Vietnamese clients.

Đầu tư định cư Úc chỉ từ 200.000 AUD.

Investment for immigration in Australia only from $200,000 AUD.

Australia – Ideal country for study, business and living

You know Australia is the number 1 choice for families when it comes to their children studying abroad, which owns a world-class education system.

Australia’s economic growth rate remains stable at 2.6% per annum along with free-democratic political institutions, harmonious multiethnic multicultural societies, fair and strict law, and so on. Potential business in the list of thousands of legal areas in Australia. It can be said that the island nation is a fertile land for foreign investors in general, Vietnamese investors in particular – those who have financial conditions and want to find a safe, effective and low risk investment channel. Ro with high profit margin, stable and stable.

In terms of quality of life, Australia is regarded as the ideal destination by the whole world. Many years in Australia belong to the top 10 most hit countries in the world. TP. Melbourne beautiful Victorian state 6 years in a row to be famous financial page The Economist ranked first in the list of 10 cities worth living in the world based on surveys of thousands of readers and experts.

As a result, Australia is increasingly being trusted by citizens around the world for the future investment and settlement of the family.

Investment for immigration in Australia only from $200,000 AUD

Australia welcomes investors with financial, skills and experience to contribute to socio-economic development. In return, the Australian government has not only facilitated business investors but is willing to give them the opportunity to become kangaroos citizens.

Australia’s territory consists of six states and territories, most developed in the east with Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Depending on the economic and social conditions of the Australian government, each region will have its own conditions or “preferences” for the investor.

Some parts of Western Australia and Northern Australia have more developed economies than the eastern and southern parts of the country, so their governments encourage foreign investment. Condition for investors is just under AUD $ 200,000, even you can invest in the real estate sector to both own a home and easily apply for permanent residence in Australia.

The condition of the Australian Migration Program is only AUD $ 200,000 including:

  • Age: under 55 years old
  • Applicants are investors, shareholders, business owners have a successful business history.
  • Intent to actually invest or trade in Australia for a minimum of AUD $ 200,000.
  • Meet the requirement for total assets.
  • This is a four-year residency visa and when you qualify you will have the opportunity to become a permanent resident in Australia for the whole family and will enjoy full benefits in education, health and social security. Great Assembly of the island.

If you are interested and need for this program please contact Gold Land Australia through Hotline 0911 899 593 – 0911 899 595 or email info@datvangchauuc.com for advice and answers to all inquiries. Taken from experienced professionals.

In particular, every month we will have Australian lawyers, counselors, and counselors free of charge to our clients. Our company aspires to become a companion to customers to conquer the investment and settlement of Australia.

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